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Performance Care: A Comprehensive Approach to Supporting you in your Sport, Career and Life.


--> The ELITE ATHLETE who wants to maximize their health and performance and improve their resilience to injury

--> The WEEKEND WARRIOR who is feeling the effects of their aging body --> The PROFESSIONAL who relies on their body for their work and can't afford an injury

--> The YOUNG ATHLETE who wants to set the stage for lifelong sports participation

--> ANYONE who wants a proactive approach their their health

Performance Care is a specialized application of Physiotherapy and Neurofunctional Acupuncture designed to help you maintain and optimize your health and physical function. It is the proactive support that helps your body meet the physical demands required to do the activities you love, for life.

Popular among athletes but perfect for anyone who wants to perform well in life, Performance Care is a holistic approach to maintaining movement and optimizing performance using neurofunctional acupuncture and special manual techniques.

Each Performance Care appointment involves a thorough assessment and treatment of your nerve function, which ultimately dictates your ability to move properly, resist injury and perform optimally. Our nervous system is extremely important (read here for more information). Even in the absence of pain, if we do not have full nerve function, we cannot move fully and perform optimally. These dysfunctions can arise insidiously (i.e. with no known precipitating event) as a result of the normal stresses placed on our bodies OR can be the remnants of an old injury that was not completely treated.

Even in the absence of pain, we can use acupuncture to create immediate changes in function that you can feel for yourself.

Luckily, when we know what to look for, it is relatively simple for a trained practitioner to help you identify these dysfunctional areas and then, we can then use neurofunctional acupuncture to effectively treat these dysfunctional nerves to restore function and maximize performance.

The function of each motor nerve (i.e. nerves that supply muscles and carry the signal to allow you to move) in your body can be assessed using specialized muscle testing. During an assessment, you can expect to feel the effects of these dysfunctional areas in difficulty completing the muscle testing, decreased mobility and/or sensitivity with testing. It is important to note that this feeling of “weakness” is often just inhibition which is an inability for the nerve to carry an optimal signal to the muscle being tested rather than a strength problem with the muscle. Inhibition cannot be fixed with strengthening exercises. You need to restore function of the motor nerve to gain the benefits of your strengthening program and the way to do this is with Neurofunctional Acupuncture and specific manual techniques.

After treatment, many clients feel an improvement in their muscle testing and or an improved feeling of ease with movement. As you can imagine, this improvement in function helps to support your performance, keep you moving well and minimize the risk of injury. The effects of treatment can last indefinitely to days. Individuals who use performance care to support their sport, goals or career may receive treatment biweekly to biyearly depending on their history, goals and level of physical performance.

While we can't prevent them, we can minimize many of the risk factors for injury.

If you have goals or roles that require physical performance, Performance Care is for you. We all have room for optimization of function. East Mill Physio is here to support you in your journey to maximal performance.

About the author: Kristin is a Registered Physiotherapist and the Owner of East Mill Physio in Elora, ON. She has a special interest in Neurofunctional Acupuncture and Sports Performance. She enjoys pushing the boundaries of what we traditionally believe to be possible with respect to injury rehabilitation and performance optimization by using a holistic treatment style. Kristin completed both the Main and The Advanced Neurofunctional Sports Practitioner Program of the Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Program through McMaster University and is currently completing her second year of training to become an Instructor. She has additionally completed Dr. Mike Prebeg's Elite NHL Mentorship Program and has experience providing Performance Care for individuals of all ages and athletic abilities. To learn more about East Mill Physio, visit

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