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Integrative approach.

Recover Fully. Build resilience. Optimize Performance.

We all have an extraordinary capacity to achieve our health and performance goals when equipped with high-quality information, direction, and support.
If you are tired of traditional rehab or are looking for something different, East Mill Physio is the place for you!
At East Mill Physio we consider your whole health and work with you to create a plan that addresses all of your unique needs to keep you moving well, feeling good and performing your best!




Core & Pelvic Floor Retraining (external)


Integrative Health & Performance Planning


Exercise Prescription & Movement Correction

Learn how to use your deep core by coordinating your breath and pelvic floor. This is essential to the lifelong athleticism of female athletes! Ensure you are training a functional strategy that will fully support your rehab, health and sport performance. 

Individualized exercises to help improve your function by improving flexibility, strength and neuromotor patterning. Ensure you are training a functional strategy that will fully support your rehabilitation, health and performance. 

A specialized application of acupuncture used to stimulate the peripheral nervous system to evoke real-time changes in movement, function and symptoms. A highly effective way to treat injuries and/or help you maximize your performance and minimize injury risk.

Your performance and recovery are dependent on a state of optimal health. We are trained to identify areas of your health that may need improvement (lifestyle, hormone etc) and can help you build a healthcare team that will best support you in your health and wellness!


Cupping Therapy





Manual Therapy

Whether you are working through an injury or looking to supplement your health and performance, education is the keystone to empowering you with strategies to improve your function and better understand your body and it's unique needs.

A combination different hands-on techniques, including joint mobilization, cupping and specialized soft tissue techniques. When applied appropriately, this is an effective treatment adjunct to restore movement, improve tissue quality and improve function.

Silicone suction cups applied to the skin to are effective for improving: circulation, tissue health and fascial mobility. Dynamic cupping is an effective way to clean edema (fluid accumulation), clear out the chemical irritants that contribute to pain and to mobilize fascia and scar tissue.

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