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Our Team Is Growing!

As a small, niche sports medicine practice, we are looking to grow with a like-minded clinician who can help us on the mission to up-level the care of athletes within Wellington County.

Position: Registered Physical Therapist (Part-Time, with the opportunity to transition to Full-Time hours).
Reporting to: Kristin Bignell
Location: Elora, ON
Flexible Start Date.
Competitive Compensation.


We are looking for:

  • A highly motivated Physical Therapist who is eager to grow, and build a fulfilling sports medicine practice

  • A clinician who values collaboration and working together to up-level the standard of care for athletes/active individuals


  • Must adhere to the rules and standards outlined by the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario including, but not limited to:

    • Following cleaning and disinfecting protocols between clients

    • Scheduling/managing caseload using Jane App

    • Maintaining accurate and timely documentation

    • Ensuring effective communication with clients (via email, phone, in-person)

  • Collaborate with team members and other healthcare professionals

  • Attend weekly team meetings/check-ins

Mentorship/Collaborative Learning Sessions are also available to help our team develop strong neurofunctional assessment and treatment skills, neurofunctional acupuncture, manual therapy, clinical reasoning and neuroanatomy. We also offer mentorship to help you build a caseload that you feel passionate about.


Together we can grow and build your practice, and help you create the impact you desire. New grads are welcome to apply!

Interested? Let’s connect!

Please reach out to with your resume and cover letter.

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