Lifelong athleticism.
Keeping you doing the things you love,
Physical therapy and education to empower you with the knowledge and support you need to feel good doing the things you love. 
Recover Fully.

Are you injured or in pain? Get back to doing the things you love using an integrative approach to your rehab that addresses all pieces of the puzzle. Ensure you are not left with any lingering dysfunction and address any contributing factors that may have predisposed you to injury.

Build Resilience.

Many risk factors for injury are modifiable with a proactive approach. Our practitioner is trained to treat dysfunction before it causes you problems and can help identify any other areas of your whole health (physical, hormones, nervous system, lifestyle etc) that may set the stage for injury and can help guide you in building your support network. 

Popular among athletes but perfect for anyone who wants to function fully in life. Performance Care offers a proactive approach to maintaining movement and optimizing performance using Neurofunctional Acupuncture and special manual techniques. Pain and injury are NOT prerequisites for taking control of your health and performance.

 WHAT People say. 

Kristin is an integral part of both my and my daughter's care. Kristin first helped me in my post-partum

c-section recovery and rehab through her knowledge of pelvic floor and core, and now ongoing as a female adult/athlete. She's also been a part of my teenage daughter's injury recovery and her pro-active/ performance plan as a high level basketball player. Kristin's knowledge of the female athlete's body and its uniqueness sets

her apart from many others.

Her genuine interest in my goals and making me/ my daughter a part of our own

recovery and growth, empowers us in our continued journey. Her calm nature, how she's able to assess and create unique treatment plans in the moment, how she offers education and explanation, and her professionalism, ensures a high degree of trust and respect. I highly recommend her.

Anna E.
Guelph, ON
Physical Therapy tailored to your unique needs.


A unique and proactive approach to physical therapy to help you feel good, and keep you playing your best.


Comprehensive injury rehab to ensure optimal recovery and get you back to doing the things you love.

Female athlete development.

Comprehensive, sport-specific care to support the unique needs to the developing female athlete to age 30 years.
Ready when you are.
Here to help you feel your best, and keep you doing the things you love, for life.