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Lifelong athleticism.
Helping athletes feeling concerned about their bodies learn to develop trust in themselves so that they can play without pain and continue doing the things they love – now and for the rest of their lives.
Is this you?
Are you an active adult or teen who wants to recover fully, dive without hesitation and swing without pain?
Then you're in the right place!
Our programs.

For the athlete feeling frustrated by a new injury who wants to get back to their sport ASAP and address any factors that may have led to their injury.


For the teen or young adult looking for a different approach to rehab that will help them get back to doing the things they love with full confidence in their body.

Is this you?

You’re an active young adult who loves to channel your former competitive days on the beach court in the summer, the rink in the winter and the Peloton when you need a comedic sweat with Cody (IYKYK).


Each time you step onto the sand, you are reminded of your old ankle sprain


– and when you hop off the rink on Sunday morning, your back tightens and you groan as you bend over to peel your skates off your feet.


If you are like any of the clients we work with —

  • That your knee pain is from “wear and tear” <<eye roll>>

  • That you should consider switching to pickleball

  • That your back pain is a normal part of getting older

​And that leaves you feeling dismissed and at a loss for what to you've tried:

  • Powering through your Crossfit lifts

  • Inventing beautifully crafted tape jobs (of questionable utility) so you can hit the court with your bestie

  • Spending hours scrolling through your Instagram feed in search of the latest fitness influencer that you can copy in hopes of finding the magical exercise to combat your achy back

Does that sound like you? 

You are not alone AND you aren’t doing anything wrong!
Here's the truth:

As an athlete, you were likely led to believe that working hard is what led you to all of your achievements, and chances are, you were rewarded for your perseverance with praise, medals and ribbons. 

But your younger days as an athlete also led you to believe that pain and injury are the price you have to pay for being active and getting older – and so you continue to push through the pain, secretly wondering when the day will come that you will have to stop doing the things that bring you the most joy:

  •  beach in the summer

  • women’s league in the winter

  • and peloton rides to fill in the gaps

The truth is, most injuries don’t happen overnight and sports are designed to motivate athletes to keep playing at the expense of listening to their bodies --


But it is 100% possible for you to be pain-free doing the things you love -- now and for the rest of your life, despite your list of injuries and aching body.


By having a professional teammate who knows your body and sport, and can provide you with the comprehensive support you truly need, you can play beach in the summer and your women’s league in the winter with complete ease and trust in your body.

we can be that trusty teammate.
At EMP -- we are here for you and we can help you go:



Feeling frustrated that your serve doesn’t quite hit the same way it used to

Hobbling up the stairs after Sunday morning pick-up

Filling with embarrassment as you message your team looking for a sub (again!) after re-aggravating your back on your mountain bike



Feeling a sense of amazement as you crush match point with seemingly little effort

Racing up the stairs to grab your gym bag without a thought about your knee

Feeling a complete sense of trust in your body as you agree to a co-ed tournament and shredding trails on your bike

This is 100% possible for you!
and We can help you!

Our team uses a unique methodology to empower athletes – just like you –


with the information and support you need to recover from injury, stay healthy and play your best — now and for the rest of your life. 


Our SMART Methodology will help you learn to live and train more intelligently so that you can make a lasting shift from pain to power.

your daughter will learn to live and train intelligently using our smart Methodology which

get SET in a clear direction that honours what you truly desire out of your life and sport.


learn how to MOVE mindfully and confidently as hop on the court for your first co-ed tournament of the year.


feel powerfully ARMed with the knowledge  and communication skills to make aligned decisions.


establish simple habits that will support your RECOVERY and have you hopping out of bed raring to get your game on.


establish TRUST in your body and your ability to do the things you want to do, now and for the rest of your life.

Our smart method has helped people just like you!
Here's what they have to say...

Kristin is an integral part of both my and my daughter's care. Kristin first helped me in my post-partum
c-section recovery and rehab through her knowledge of pelvic floor and core, and now ongoing as a female adult/athlete. She's also been a part of my teenage daughter's injury recovery and her pro-active/ performance plan as a high level basketball player. Kristin's knowledge of the female athlete's body and its uniqueness sets

recovery and growth, empowers us in our continued journey. Her calm nature, how she's able to assess and create unique treatment plans in the moment, how she offers education and explanation, and her professionalism, ensures a high degree of trust and respect. I highly recommend her.

Anna E.

her apart from many others.

Her genuine interest in my goals and making me/ my daughter a part of our own

And guess what???
These clients aren’t magical unicorns. 

You can have what they have.

They worked with our team, and you can too!

Kristin Bignell

Teen whisperer
Volleyball enthusiast
Dog mom

Karina Cranston

'Motion is Lotion' <3
Avid reader
Mom to two teens
Enthusiastic explorer
Meet our TEAM.


Book a complimentary call and we will get clear on your goals, what is getting in the way and come up with a plan to help you get to where you want to go!

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Still not sure where exactly you belong? We gotchu!


Don't forget to take your quiz before you leave to get crystal clear on what type of Physical Therapy YOU need to feel good and play your best!

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