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  • Writer's pictureKristin Bignell - PT, MScPT, BScES(hons), CMAG

To sit her out, or not to sit her out…

You are the parent of a diehard teen volleyballer.

You beam with pride as you watch her growing love and talent for the sport.

But a part of you worries each time your daughter so much as hints at a new ache or pain…

Your heart skips a beat as you watch her:

  • shake out her shoulder after missing her second serve in a row

  • pause for longer than usual as she peels herself off the sport court after hitting the floor

Yet each time you ask – she insists that “everything is fine”

You can’t help but wonder if she is downplaying her pain so that she can push through and play… because ain’t nothing keeping your determined girl on that bench.

So, at the first hint of pain you:

  • Conveniently schedule a family outing so that she can’t pick up an extra practice

  • Bribe her with screen time so that she will spend a little extra time resting her shoulder and a little less time serving at your siding

  • Begin your scroll through Instagram saving stretches that you think might help with her recovery

You may have heard from other parents that this “is just the price she will have to pay” for being an athlete (cringe)

But deep down you want more and you KNOW your daughter deserves to feel good playing not just now – but FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE!

Yet – you aren’t quite sure what to do to make sure things don’t escalate.

Sound familiar?

You are not alone and you are doing a perfect job!

As her parent, no one expects you to have all of the answers and unfortunately you won’t find them online…

What you need is a teammate who can guide and support you and your daughter through her time in sport so that she can swing without pain, dive without hesitation and earn a spot on the starting lineup.

The EMP Sports Performance Program will provide you and your daughter with the support she craves and needs to stay in tip top health.

The truth is that her teen years are extremely important in setting her compass towards lifelong athleticism and I am here to support you and your daughter in this process!

If you want to learn more, book a complimentary strategy call and we will get clear on your goals, what is getting in the way and come up with a tangible plan to get you there!

About the author: Kristin is a Registered Physiotherapist and the Owner of East Mill Physio in Elora, ON. She has a special interest in Neurofunctional Acupuncture, Sports Performance and Female Athlete Development. She enjoys pushing the boundaries of what we traditionally believe to be possible with respect to injury rehabilitation and performance optimization by using a holistic treatment style.


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