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Physiotherapy for Vertigo and Dizziness - A Guide to Relief

Have you ever experienced a sensation of spinning or dizziness?

Perhaps it was accompanied by nausea, sweating, and/or a loss of balance?

Vertigo and/or dizziness can be caused by various underlying conditions, including inner ear disorders (such as BPPV and vestibular neuritis), neck problems (stiffness and tension), and head injuries.

Physiotherapy can play a crucial role in the management of these symptoms.

How Physiotherapy Can Help

Vestibular rehabilitation: This is a specific type of physiotherapy that focuses on retraining the balance and eye movements affected by vertigo. It involves exercises that help reduce dizziness, improve balance, and prevent falls.

Neck treatment: Neck problems can also cause dizziness. Physiotherapists can use manual techniques, (eg. soft tissue work, joint mobilizations, acupuncture) and provide exercises to improve neck mobility and strength, thus decreasing dizziness.

Education and advice: Feeling dizzy is not a pleasant feeling and can make you feel anxious. We can provide you with education and advice on managing vertigo and dizziness, including tips on reducing triggers and ways to cope with your symptoms.

Benefits of Physiotherapy for Vertigo/Dizziness

Relief of symptoms: Physiotherapy can help reduce the frequency and severity of your symptoms of vertigo or dizziness, allowing you to live a more comfortable and active life.

Improved balance and stability: Vestibular rehabilitation can help improve balance and stability, reducing the risk of falls.

Increased independence: With reduced symptoms and improved balance, physiotherapy can help increase your independence and ability to carry out daily activities.

Preventing recurrence: Physiotherapy can help prevent vertigo from recurring, by addressing underlying causes and providing long-term management strategies.


Vertigo/dizziness can be a debilitating condition, affecting daily activities and quality of life. Physiotherapy can play a crucial role in the management of vertigo/dizziness, offering relief of symptoms, improved balance and stability, increased independence, and long-term management strategies.

If you are experiencing any symptoms of vertigo or dizziness, get in touch so we can help you get back to feeling better!

Karina Cranston - MScPT, BA(hons) Kin, FCAMPT, GIMS


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