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empow(HER) - Female Athlete Feature - Natasha Spaling

Each month the EMP newsletter will feature the words of wisdom from a Woman in Sport. This month, we have the privilege of hearing from Natasha Spaling! She had so many pearls to share that it didn't all fit into the newsletter. you go! I am sure you will enjoy!


Natasha Spaling

  • Assistant Volleyball Coach - UofG

  • Former Assistant Volleyball Coach - Queen's University

  • Coach with Team Ontario Volleyball

  • BSc - Kinesiology

  • Masters of Coaching

Here is what Natasha has to say to her fellow female athletes and women in sport:

#1 - My advice would be to surround yourself with people (but especially other women) that inspire you, challenge you and that you TRUST, more than anything, will look out for you and your best interests. Sport is filled with so many moments of elation and devastation, and sometimes you can feel like pursuing your goal is impossible or not worth it, and that's why you need incredible people to help you keep going. So if you do not have a close network of people that you deeply trust, start reaching out, find connections and build those relationships, they will save your life and make you better.

#2Care, use your voice and turn ideas into action. Use your voice to educate people and create purposeful discussion around the challenges you see in sport, to empower other women to share their thoughts and ideas, and to make the world of sport a better place for all of those people who will inherit it after us. There is nothing too small to care about! So find something you want to do and work towards that goal with passion and action.

#3 - Currently I am working to help make sport more inclusive, accessible and safe. My friend, Amy Wilson-Hands, and I are trying to organize volleyball equipment donated from post-secondary programs so we (Ontario volleyball teams) can contribute to sport accessibility within first nations communities and build connections! I am also trying to learn more about and promote the sport of sitting volleyball as much as possible. There is some AWESOME work being done by the OVA in this area and the Niagara Penguins sitting volleyball programs. We also have our women's sitting national team competing soon in Tokyo!!

#4 - Please continue to be involved in sport. Whether you play club, university, college, OVA, OUA, USport, CCAA, NCAA, professionally, in rec. leagues, pick-up in the park or in the backyard with your family. If you can't play anymore, coach, ref, be a lines-person, be a mentor. Please don't underestimate the value and importance of sport for you, and for the positive impact you will have on other young women by being involved. Whether you are an athlete, coach or ref, you are a role model and leader for all of the women growing up in sport after you; so continue to show up, do your best and empower others to do the same!

Thank you Natasha!


Each Month our newsletter will feature a Woman in Sport (athletes, coaches, support people, you name it) with the goals of:

-Inspiring girls to participate in sport

-Promoting equity and inclusion in sport

-Exemplifying female role models

-Highlighting the accomplishments of some pretty stellar women in sport

-Encouraging the support of girls and women in sport

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