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Group Physical 

 Therapy program

Empower her to move from achy and injured, to strong and confident with this one-of-a-kind, comprehensive Physical Therapy program that accounts for her unique needs as a growing, female volleyballer.


Next Program Begins November  2022

Is this you?

You rush from Sobeys to the gymnasium – arriving just in time to pick her up after her last practice of the week.


You look forward to getting the low down on the team today – ready to accept whatever limited information you can pry out of her.


But within seconds of hopping in the car, she’s complaining about how her knee was sore at practice during their hitting drills …


For the second time this week.


You had wishfully hoped that her knee pain had become a distant thing of the past after all of those months off from volleyball over the past 2 years.


When she brought it up earlier this week, you were able to reassure yourself. 


You’ve been told on several occasions that it’s just growing pains.


You feel like you have done everything you can think of to help her.


She’s tried the Sports Physio that came highly recommended by one of the other parents on her team. 


She did a few bouts with your chiropractor last summer.


This temporarily eases your mind, until you realize you haven’t been given any answers or a real solution.


And as she brings it up for a second time this week, you feel your stomach turn slightly.


You know she has big dreams of playing in university and you can’t help but worry that this knee pain is going to hold her back.

You are NOT alone. So many parents feel this way. Whether it is a back injury, shoulder injury, knee injury or ankle injury, there is so much that can be done to empower and support her.

That is why we created this comprehensive group physical therapy program -- to address ALL pieces of the puzzle that may be holding her back in her recovery and sport performance.

Can you imagine?


What if:

>> She understood all of the pieces of the puzzle that are contributing to her aches and pains, and felt empowered to take action?

>> Her rehab was fun, motivating, empowering and would not only help her feel strong and confident in her body, but would also help her improve her game?

>> She was ingraining efficient movement strategies that would adapt with her as she grows and help minimize injury risk as she gets older?

>> She had someone knowledgeable and invested on her healthcare team to help her navigate her rehab and performance?

She will gain:

>> Proficiency in coordinating her deep core with volleyball-specific movements and skills to offload injured areas, minimize injury risk and improve performance.

>> A greater understanding of her body so that she can make decisions that are in the best interest of her health and performance.

>> Knowledge about how she can support her health and physical performance through sport-specific exercise and healthy habits.

>> Comprehensive and accessible support from a healthcare professional to help her decrease aches and pains, and optimize her performance.


How does that sound?

What's Included?

She deserves to feel strong and confident as she competes in the sport that she loves. --

And that is totally possible for her with the right support and guidance.

Group Sessions

6 weekly small group Physical Therapy sessions (max. 6 girls per group)
focused on integrating core strengthening into volleyball-specific exercises and skills to recover from injury, improve strength and optimize performance.


Individualized Support

2 one-on-one Physical Therapy appointments
Individualize support to ensure goals are being met and that group sessions are tailored to her individual needs
Individualized home program with videos accessible via an app

**additional sessions may be recommended based on goals

Modules to Empower Her

9 online modules to teach her about her body, help her develop healthy habits that support recovery and performance, and empower her with the information she needs to make informed decisions around her health and sport.
Part 1: SET The Stage - Develop the Foundations of Lifelong Health
Part 2: ACE Your Game - Master the Movement Fundamentals of Volleyball
Part 3: WIN Like a Girl - Leverage your Unique Female Physiology


Team Vibes

Team work makes the dream work. We know she thrives in a team setting. In addition to the group sessions, there will be weekly team check-ins via a secure platform to assist with accountability, implementation and clarity


I'm Kristin and I am a former NCAA Div 1 Volleyball player and current Physical Therapist & Coach. I have seen and experienced the consequences of poor training practices in young female athletes. Having suffered a serious - but preventable - back injury my sophomore year, I want better for others.

My mission is to change the way that female volleyball players are supported and that is why I created this one-of-a-kind PT program -- to arm her with the knowledge, skills and support she needs to recover from injury, advocate for her needs and set the stage for lifelong success in her health and sport.

Here to be on her team and empower HER!

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WHAT Parent's SAY.


Amanda P.

My daughter has fallen in love with Volleyball and we are so thankful that she has found a mentor who shares her passion. When Melia visits Kristin she always leaves with a wealth of knowledge to share regarding her personal health, volleyball training and injury prevention. 


Ryan T.

Our daughter really enjoyed learning new volleyball skills and meeting other girls while learning about her physical self. She came home with a lot of knowledge how to do a proper warm up and strategies on how to focus on her core. 



Kristin gave the girls (and parents) insight into the young female athlete’s body and how their health, performance and risk of injuries are impacted in sport. [...] This was an incredible and unique opportunity for my daughters that cannot be found anywhere else! Highly recommended.

Interested in learning more?

Let's help her move from achy and injured, to strong and confident as she hops on the court next season.

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