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Female athlete

Helping her stay happy, healthy and playing her best, for life.

Chances are, at one point or another, you’ve worried that you aren’t doing enough to help set your daughter up for success in her health and sport.
Oftentimes, parents believe that physical success is contingent on genetics, or that any health complaints will just “sort themselves out”.
That is simply not true. You need a guidepost; a practitioner who can arm your daughter with knowledge about her body, and provide physical support that considers her unique needs as a developing female athlete, in the context of the sports she loves.

This is what will help set the stage for her happy, healthy, lifelong participation in sport.

As a female athlete, there are several times her body is undergoing rapid physical and physiological change. These changes do have an influence on her health, injury risk and sport performance.
When met with the right treatment and training strategies, these periods of transition provide immense opportunity to help her enhance her health, improve her performance, and help her set the stage for lifelong athleticism. 

With treatment planning and sport programming that is informed by the anatomy and physiology that makes her unique, we can help her set the stage for greater success, less injury and athletic longevity. 


Your daughter needs sport-specific care that considers her unique needs. 

EMP's Female Athlete Development Program is a physical therapy and wellness program for female athletes ages 10-30 years. It is designed to provide female athletes with the information they need to make informed decisions about their health and sport, and to provide them with the physical support they need to stay happy, healthy and safe in their sport.


The program is individualized based on your daughter's needs with an emphasis on providing her with care to:

  • Rehab any old injuries

  • Teach her to use her core in the way that is specific to her body

  • Teach her how to integrate her new core strategy into sport-specific movements

  • Learn a home program that is both fun and sport-specific as well as a sport-specific warm-up

  • Monitor her for signs and symptoms of overuse, energy deficiencies, movement inefficiencies and imbalances

  • Neurofunctional screening and treatment to optimize and maintain performance

  • Teaching her the basics of hormone health and the possible impact on her energy, health and performance as well as strategies to mitigate any negative side-effects *this may include referral to other healthcare professionals as needed*

Wondering if I would be a good fit to help support your daughter in her health and sport? I'd love to chat!


*These services are completed entirely by a Registered Physiotherapist. Check with your insurance provider as many offer coverage for Physiotherapy services*

*Programs and single session options offered for follow-up. Treatment plan and program recommendations will be given following the initial consultation and are based on individual needs*




Core  Strategy Training 


Integrative Health & Performance Planning


Exercise Prescription & Movement Correction









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