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FREE - Volleyball core Performance program.

Empowering you to stay healthy and playing your best this season.

Helping you go from achy and injured, to strong and confident with this team warm-up that doubles as an at-home injury prevention program.

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Is this you?

You get to the gym early - because to be honest, the idea of being late makes you shudder -  but you aren’t really sure what to do to occupy the time leading up to practice. You help with the nets and then quickly resort to scrolling on your phone, chatting with friends, re-tying your shoes or rooting through your bag - anything to make you look busy until coach comes in with some direction.


You know that a warm-up is a good idea but you don’t want to stand out. You prefer to fly under the radar and don’t want to do anything that might be “wrong”. If you are feeling particularly brave that day, you may throw in a couple of shoulder stretches. 


You’ve seen your friends get injured in practice. Maybe you’ve rolled your ankle in a game. You’d love to jump into your practice feeling ready to go. You don’t want to make it to the third set before you finally feel like you’ve found your groove. But you aren't quite sure where to start.

You are NOT alone. These thoughts are all too common.

I'm here to help you and help her to stay happy, healthy and playing her best this season.

Can you imagine?

Wouldn't it be marvellous if:

>> You knew you were warming up ALL of the muscles & movements you needs to play your best?

>> Your warm-up encouraged you to focus on how the movements feel to you? No more looking to coach for approval!

>> You were able to strengthen your core by doing sport-specific movements that will improve your performance, prevent injury and protect your pelvic health?

>> You had a program that accounted for your unique needs as a growing girl athlete, using a sport that you love?


Here's what you will learn:

>> How to coordinate your core and pelvic floor with volleyball-specific movements (=strong core!)

>> A movement strategy that grows with you and carries over into your sports

>> A sport-specific warm-up that will properly prepare you for practice and games AND doubles as an at-home training program to help you optimize movement, prevent injury and improve performance

>> How to feel when you are doing a movement correctly


How does that sound?

Core Performance Program—EMPEH.png

What's Included?

>> Downloadable PDF with 17 exercises specific to the needs of female volleyball players
>> 3 PDF files with varying levels of difficulty
>> Video links to additional explanations of each exercise


Want in?

Grab your FREE copy of The empow(HER) Volleyball Core Performance Program so that you can stay  injury-free, feeling good and playing her best, for life.

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I'm Kristin and I am a former NCAA Div 1 volleyball player and current Physical Therapist & Coach. I have seen and experienced the consequences of poor training practices in young female athletes. Having suffered a serious - but preventable - back injury my sophomore year, I want better for you.

My mission is to change the way that female volleyball players are supported. I am here to share information in a way that makes it accessible to parents, athletes, coaches and organizations. 

Here to help set you up for lifelong success in your health, life and sport! Here to empower YOU to feel strong and confident on the court!

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My daughter has fallen in love with Volleyball and we are so thankful that she has found a mentor who shares her passion. When Melia visits Kristin she always leaves with a wealth of knowledge to share regarding her personal health, volleyball training and injury prevention. 



Our daughter really enjoyed learning new volleyball skills and meeting other girls while learning about her physical self. She came home with a lot of knowledge how to do a proper warm up and strategies on how to focus on her core. 



Kristin gave the girls (and parents) insight into the young female athlete’s body and how their health, performance and risk of injuries are impacted in sport. [...] This was an incredible and unique opportunity for my daughters that cannot be found anywhere else! Highly recommended.

So? do you want in?

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